They are not just cute and cuddly; they have other benefits too.

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A baby’s first toy is usually a stuffed animal. They offer cuddles and are safe as they do not have any sharp parts. Plushies give children the comfort and security they need, especially when their parents are not around. We also have discussed in a previous post that stuffed toys help develop kids’ social skills. However, that is not only what they can do; plush toys also have educational and emotional benefits to children as well.

For small babies

Newborn Babies's Plush Toys

A plush toy is usually a baby’s first toy because of the texture and softness. Stuffed toys are the ideal toys for little ones as there is no risk of them getting swallowed. These things make them babies’ loyal companions and guardians. Stuffed animals help with separation anxiety allowing children to learn how to be independent at a very young age.

For older babies, aged 12 to 18 months

Plush Toys That Suits 12 - 18 Month Olds

Stuffed animals help in a child’s vocabulary development. According to, a child starts to learn how to talk around 12 to 18 months. He will make his favorite stuffed animal his audience and start having conversations with it. Doing this also allows him to listen to his voice and get him to improve his pronunciation.

For toddlers

Toodlers and Their Plush Toys

Toddlers by this time are usually testing emotions on their stuffed friends. They tend to mirror what they see from their parents and demonstrate their observations. The toys can get their diapers changed, sit on the potty, tucked in bed, and even put in time out. Plush toys can help toddlers learn what the valuable things in life are.

For preschoolers

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At preschool age, children continue emotional development and engage in imaginative play. They play pretend with their stuffed animals and have long conversations with them. A teddy bear can become a teacher, a cowboy, or a princess. Children are more able to deal with difficult emotions at this age with the help of stuffed animals.

For older children

Wholesale plush toys for children

School-aged kids may gain interest in making their own stuffed toys. Learning basic pattern-making and sewing skills allow the development of fine motor skills and improve 3D math skills.

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