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Moving? Don’t forget to pack your plush toys properly.

Moving to a new home is not that easy, especially if you own a lot of furniture and household items. You’ll need a lot of brown boxes and latch boxes to pack them safely, plus tag them so you know which ones are fragile or not. Clothes can be stored in latch boxes while appliances can be put back in the boxes they came in with when you bought them. But, have you ever wondered how you could safely pack your stuffed animals?

Pack your plush toys properly.

Stuffed animals may lose their shape if not packed properly. There might be a risk of squishing the toys under heavy boxes, flattening them. More often than not, people tend to forget that plush toys can be fragile too and need to be packed carefully. With that said, Adorable World, your friendly plush toys manufacturer, will discuss this week the steps on how to properly pack your stuffed animals so they won’t lose their fluff.

Step 1: Choose the right box.

Get the right box for your plushies.

You need to get a box that’s big enough for your plush toys. That way if the box gets crushed underneath a heavier package, there’s enough room for the toys to move and therefore they won’t get squished.

Step 2: Get bubble wrap.

Get a bubble wrap for your plush toys


Line the inside of the box with bubble wrap for added safety. This is ideal if your toys have breakable parts or if you are packing vintage stuffed animals that need more care.

Step 3: Seal the box with sturdy packing tape.

Seal your box of Adorable World plush toys with packing tape.


After carefully placing the plush toys inside the box, seal it with packing tape. Double the strips on the bottom and top, as well as on the sides to make sure the box won’t open. Securing it with lots of tape strips will also minimize damage once the box gets crushed.

Step 4: Make holes.

Punch holes in the box for your plush toys.


Using a letter opener or a pen, punch small holes in the box to allow air to circulate inside, allowing the toys to “breathe.” This is ideal for long trips as moisture might build up inside the box and cause the plush toys to smell funny, or get molds. You can also place silica gel packets inside before sealing it with packing tape.

Step 4: Label the boxes.

Label the boxes


Don’t forget to label all your boxes. That way, professional movers would know which ones are fragile and which ones are not. Tagging them will also help you easily unpack your stuff once you’ve arrived in your new home.

Moving to a new place sure is a new beginning. Make sure to pack your items properly to avoid damage or totally losing them. Congratulations on your new home!

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