Share the love and holiday cheer with plushies

The season of giving is within reach, and some already have started their holiday shopping. Christmas is all about warm hugs, gift-giving, and family. However, some of us are not that fortunate to have family dinners and parties. What better way to lighten up these people’s mood, but by giving them warm hugs in the form of adorable plush toys?

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Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer dedicated to bringing happiness to anyone of any age. If you are a business looking to making smiles this season, check out our wide array of plush toy selections. This week, we are highlighting stuffed toys that are perfect for our less fortunate friends who need the warmest hugs that can give hope and happiness.

Knit-stuffed animals and dolls

Knitted Stuffed Plush Toys from Adorable World

Knit-stuffed toys remind you of vintage dolls and stuffed animals that were popular ages ago. They give a retro vibe people of any age would love. With that said, these toys are great to give to nursing homes.

Teddy Bears

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Teddy Bears, as we stated in our previous posts, are classic loved plush toys anyone of any age would love. They give the warmest hugs and do not judge your appearance or the state you are in at the moment. It’s unconditional love in the form of plush toys.

Stuffed Wild Animal

Give plush toys this Christmas. Shop at

Wild animal plushies are great inspiration for little kids. Most wild animals (and dinosaurs) survive in the harshest environments and are able to fend for themselves. Children will look up to these animals whenever they feel down, and they’ll feel better that they have a “buddy” who will always look out for them.

Mermaid Dolls

Give plush toys this Christmas. Shop at

Fantasy and daydream sure do make one feel better, especially if they come in soft plushies! These mermaid dolls are perfect for little girls who dream of fairy tales and of innocent beauty. They also come in different styles so little girls can choose a mermaid fit for their personality.

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