Treasure your plush toys for a lifetime

Whether you or your kids have outgrown stuffed animals, storing them long-term is an excellent idea. This is better than giving them away, as storing them is like creating a time capsule that you’ll want to unearth in the future to look back on happy memories.

But how can you store your beloved plush toys for long-term, without getting infested with bugs and getting mold? Because Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer that understands the needs of stuffed toy lovers, this week we’ll highlight the ways on how to properly store them.

Storing them in clean trash bags

Source: Zhplasticbags.com

Source: Zhplasticbags.com

Your attic is the best storage space in the house, but the only problem with it is the temperature and humidity. It gets really warm in the summer and freezing cold in winter. Some plush toy fabrics don’t do well in those conditions. That said, storing them in clean large trash bags and sealing them tight keeps the humidity (and bugs!) at bay.

Storing them in cardboard boxes


Cardboard boxes are also great storage places for plush toys. However, you cannot put them in the attic. If you plan on storing them in boxes, they are better off in the bedroom closet where the temperature isn’t in extremes.

Vacuum seal them


Source: YouTube.com | Meet the Tings

Store your favorite plushies in vacuum sealed bags. No need to buy the slightly pricey storage bags; a simple plastic or trash bag will do. Use your handy vacuum to suck out all the air out. This tends to flatten down the plush toys, but don’t worry, they will fluff right back up once you open the bag.

Remove the stuffing

Source: Thesavvyspindle.blogspot.com

Source: Thesavvyspindle.blogspot.com

This is the ideal option if you only have to store just a few toys and need to save space. It’s a bit time-consuming for some as you need to open up all your plush toys and remove the material. Heartbreaking, yes, but you will get a fresher set of toys once you plan on getting them out in the world again with new stuffing.

Donate them, but first…

Source: Instagram.com | jennettemccurdy

Source: Instagram.com | @jennettemccurdy

Take pictures of your favorite stuffed animals. Print them all out and place it in a special album. You may not have your plushies anymore, but they are immortalized in photos. This may be the hardest option, but you get to make other kids happy.

 Any suggestions on how to keep your favorite plush toys for long-term? Let us know in the comments below! 

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