Be ready for the Thanksgiving fever!

textWe Americans take the Thanksgiving Holiday very seriously. We try our best to go back home, and even fly red eye if that’s the only flight available. Although most families prefer to stay home and catch up with family members, there are those who prefer going out. Malls extend their open hours and theme parks are extremely busy this time of year. That said, amusement parks should be sure to have enough plush toys for prizes.

textIt’s good to have a variety of stuffed animals to give as prizes. Not only the kids would be interested in playing, but the old ones will also take their time to enjoy this holiday. Hence, you should have many options to offer your customers. Contact Adorable World, your trusted plush toys manufacturer as early as now and stock up on these plushies:

Souvenir AnimalsSouvenir Animals

textSouvenir animals are very appealing to tourists. These toys are available in teddy bears, alligators, bisons, turtles, whales, sharks, and dolphins. These 10-inch plush toys are available in different colors of shirts as well.

Tip: If your state isn’t available, inquire about our Custom Plush Toys!


textThese pillows appeal to the older people as they can be used as car pillows. Of course, the young ones would love them too; they’re so soft and safe for babies they can be placed in cribs. Perfect for long drives, the pillows come in a variety of designs:

Pinkish Tiger Pillow

 pinkish tiger pillow

This tiger is 15 inch in size and will make little princesses eyes’ widen in delight.

Mischievous Pinkish Pillow

Mischievous Pinkish Pillow

This 15.5-inch sized silly flower pillow will surely put a smile on your face.

Panda Pillow

Panda Pillow

The 18-inch smiling panda appeals to both young and old.

Monkey Pillow

Monkey Pillow

The 18-inch monkey pillows are perfect for any gender and is one of our most adorable unisex toys.

Pink Hippo Pillow

Pink Hippo Pillow

Little girls (and the ladies) will love this adorable 18-inch pink hippo pillows that are so soft and huggable.

Stuffed Animals with Blankets


textThese 9-inch stuffed animals come with a 40″X30″ blanket. These toys are perfect for the chilly weather and theme park goes will surely love to get their hands on these. Buy these in four assorted animals — pink bear, blue monkey, green frog, and yellow dog.

Custom Plush Toys


textIf you want to be remembered by your customers, customize your theme park souvenirs this Thanksgiving! Ask for a quote, send us your ideas, and we’ll work hard to create that perfect toy for you. We provide free artwork with every quote so you’ll get to see how your toys would like before you order.

textFeel like you need to offer your customers more options? Check out more plushies at our shop!

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