Mermaid plushies are perfect for birthday party giveaways

Most little girls love princesses and mermaids. They love to run around the house dressed up in cute dresses with tiaras on their heads. And when their birthday comes, the party has to be all pink and girly. Of course, you have to think about having the best party giveaways too. These mermaids are absolutely the perfect choice!

Adorable World has recently just made these cute little mermaids available for wholesale. They come in different colors, styles, ad sizes. These newly arrived mermaid plushies all have friendly smiling faces and shiny tails little princesses would love. Let’s get to know them better!

Gold hair mermaid

Gold Haired Mermaid Plushies

The golden-haired mermaid comes in two sizes, 16 inches, and 12 inches. It has a shiny rainbow-colored tail with pink details.

Pink hair mermaid

Pink Haired Mermaid Plushies

This mermaid with hot pink hair also comes in two sizes, 16 inches, and 12 inches. Instead of having a rainbow-colored tail, this mermaid has a golden one with pink and purple details.

Gold hair pirate mermaid

Gold Haired Pirate Mermaid Plushies

If the little princess prefers a pirate-themed birthday, this is the perfect giveaway! The 12 inch-sized mermaid plushie has a sunset-colored tail, with a cool pirate hat on her head.

Pink hair pirate mermaid

Pink Haired Pirate Mermaid Plushies

The pirate mermaid with pink hair looks different than the gold-haired, as this one’s sporting an eye patch. Perfect for tough little girls, this 12-inch mermaid doll has a shiny yellow and blue tail with purple details.

These mermaid dolls are great as party giveaways, but they are also perfect for amusement park prizes, corporate gifts, and mermaid-themed or ocean-themed parties. These dolls have strings on their heads so you can simply attach a suction cup. They’re easy to hang on car windows, children’s bedroom windows, or even in the glass doors of the doctor’s office.

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