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Fall is all about pumpkin spice lattes, knee boots, scarves, and knitted clothes. The weather’s starting to get colder, and we all just want to get home and bury ourselves under the blankets. And what better way to enjoy staying under the blankets than snuggling up to your favorite knit stuffed animals!

Offer your customers plush animals that complement this leaf peeping season. Knit stuffed animals aren’t only adorable, but they also offer the best hugs without any complaints.

Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer dedicated to creating stuffed toys businesses would be proud to sell. This week, we’ll be highlighting our Nice ‘N’ Knitted plushies, the perfect items to add to your fall inventory.

Knit Stuffed Dog


Look at that puppy dog eyes! This adorable knit stuffed dog is 9 inches in size, perfect for warm little hugs. This stuffed dog is a great alternative for pets for children who are allergic to dog and cat fur.

Knit Stuffed Horse


This knit stuffed gray horse gives off a rustic barn feel, perfect for the little cowboys. It’s 12 inches in size and is available in two other colors – brown and light brown. The knit stuffed horse is also available in 9 inches but comes only in brown and light brown.

Knit Stuffed Moose


The knitted moose is perfect for woodland-themed bedrooms. This new addition to our Nice ‘N’ Knitted Collection is 9 inches in size. It’s a great unisex toy for kids and the kids-at-heart.

Knit Stuffed Frog


The knit stuffed frog has a friendly smiley face sure to give you good vibes. This stuffed animal is 9 inches in size, perfect for the little princesses who love the animated film, “The Princess and the Frog.”

Knit Stuffed Owl


Owls remind us of the popular series of children’s novels and films, Harry Potter. This adorable toy would be appealing to Potter fans or people who are utterly obsessed with owls. This knit stuffed owl is also available in gray, and in two sizes – 12 inches and 9 inches.

Knit Stuffed Teddy Bear


And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Teddy Bear! This cute bear is 9 inches in size and made with such soft knitted material, making it safe for babies. This teddy is great to offer to new parents looking for a new friend for their babies.

Offer these Fall-worthy toys now, as autumn had officially started last week. See more knit stuffed animals in our Nice ‘N’ Knitted Collection!

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