Sometimes, small is better. When giving away hundreds of corporate gifts, smaller items are favorable as they are easier to ship and handle. Mini plush toys are often the best ones to give out in events, as they cater to people of any age.

Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer that caters to various needs of our clients. So if you need ideas for corporate giveaways or birthday party giveaways, we are ready to offer you items that will surely delight the receivers, even in the smallest of size.

This week, we will be highlighting our cute and adorable mini plushies. Brace yourselves, as these cuties will make you go ‘awww’ in no time!

Mini Orca


Thes friendly orcas are great for ocean-themed parties, or for companies who are in the aquatic industry. The 3.5-inch mini plushie whale comes in a tin can, along with a cool trading card.

Mini Bear


Our beloved teddy bears also come in 3.5-inch sized plushies! These chocolate brown smiling teddies come in a tin can and a trading card. Children and adults alike will surely love receiving these friendly bears.

Mini Dinos


Who knew the deadly dinosaurs could be this cute? The mini pink stegosaurus, mini blue triceratops, and the mini green raptor are great thank-you gifts for kiddie birthday parties. They all come in small tin cans and cool trading cards. We recommend that you get assorted dinos so girls and boys will both enjoy them.

Mini Shark


Another mini plushie perfect for ocean-themed parties, this cute shark will definitely give you the giggles! Its toothy smile doesn’t make him scary. Instead, it makes it him look like a friendly sea animal that kids can play with anytime, anywhere. The 3.5-inch sized plushie snapper comes in a tin can with an equally cute trading card.

Mini Cat and Mouse


This mini pink cat and mouse are absolutely the cutest! These two are perfect for ballerina class parties, unconventional girls’ night outs, and even bridal showers. They both come in girly tin cans and come with adorable trading cards as well.

Assorted Mini Plushies

If you can’t decide on which mini plushie you’d like to get as corporate gifts, you can buy them in an assorted set, which includes the Mini Bear, Mini Dog, Mini Cat, and Mini Mouse. You also get to have the display box.


If you think the Mini Plushies are too small, we also have 5 and 6.5 inch stuffed toys. Feel free to browse our collection!

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