Customize plush toys for the spooky season.

Got a few weeks to go before we all celebrate Halloween! It’s better to start preparing for your Halloween inventory as early as possible. Adorable World may not have scary looking toys, but we do offer customized plushies!

We are a plush toys manufacturer that recognizes our every client’s needs. That said, feel free to send us design and suggestions via fax or email and we’ll do everything we can to create the design you want. If you have nothing in mind, fret not, as we are going to highlight some of our stuffed animals you can use to get your spooky ideas going.

The scary but cute gator

Gators sure are scary in real life but become cute and cuddly as stuffed toys. Alligators are favorite Halloween costumes for both humans and pets alike, so why not offer this stuffed animal in your stores too!

AlligatorHalloween Tip: You can have us create gators with eye patches to make them look like pirates or zombie alligators with yellowish gray eyes.

The poker-faced stegosaurusStegosaurus

The Stegosaurus may be a herbivore, but its size in the ancient world indeed is scary! This knitted toy is cute and cuddly but still fits in the Halloween vibe.

Halloween Tip: Request for stegosaurus plushies with red eyes and sharp teeth. That would be enough to make the plant-eating dino make you run for your life.

The mischievous monkey


These adorable primates can be spooky in time for the season too. Think Planet of the Apes, King Kong, and of course, the 1969 horror movie, Night of the Bloody Apes.

Halloween tip: Have these plushies made with fangs so they could look like vampire monkeys!

The terrifying T-Rex


More terrifying in size and looks than the Stegosaurus, the T-Rex is one mean dinosaur. Our T-Rex plushie may be cute, but is sure is perfect for Halloween.

Halloween tip: Make Rex scarier by requesting plushies with bigger teeth and large red eyes.

Teddy in a costume

Black Bear
Teddy bears are no doubt the most favorite stuffed animal of kids and the kids-at-heart. They may be adorable and super cuddly but they sure can be ready for the Halloween too.

Halloween Tip: Request for teddy bears in Halloween costumes if you do not like the idea of scary-looking teddies.

Don’t limit yourself to these tips, get your creative juices flowing and think of more unique, spooky ideas! Think about famous horror movies or even horror games as inspiration. And again, we will do our best to incorporate these ideas in our stuffed animals.

It’s never too early to start thinking about customized Halloween plush toys. Inquire now!

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