Stuffed animals are the favorite toys of babies and toddlers. Some adults still prefer sleeping with a teddy beside them too. There are the stuffed toy collectors who buy regardless of the price. That said, selling stuffed animals should not be that difficult.

But what if buying in bulk from a plush toys manufacturer left you with excess inventory? How can you sell them all? Here are ways how to encourage people to buy your products in case this happens.

Let them know that stuffed animals help develop a child’s social skills.

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In one of our previous posts, we mentioned that stuffed animals contribute a lot to a child’s social skills. This has been backed up by numerous studies. In fact, you can tell your customers to ask their baby’s pediatrician about the benefits of having a plush toy.

The toys you are selling are easy to clean and clean up.

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Almost all stuffed animals are machine-washable. Just put them in a delicates wash bag and toss them in your washing machine. And unlike LEGOs and puzzles, stuffed animals are easy to put away after playtime.

Tell them that stuffed animals give out good vibes.

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These toys are always smiling, and they are undeniably cute. Their reassuringly happy faces make any person of any age feel better. Babies seem to smile at anyone or anything for that matter who are smiling back at them. For adults, just seeing a face of an adorable stuffed animal can change their mood or make them remember a funny memory associated with the toy.

Your stuffed animals give the best hugs.

And they do not resist too! They can take the tightest hug, and their softness delivers such comfort, which is perfect as a destresser. Getting unlimited hugs is just within your reach.

Of course, you can always sell them in sets.


Put together two or three different types of stuffed animals and sell them as a set for a lower price. You can also pick a theme for each set, to better catch your customers’ attention.

If all else fails, you can always give them out as free items once they buy a toy from your new set of inventory. This will attract more buyers, especially if you share the promos in all your social media accounts.

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