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plush toys in amusement parks

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One factor that makes amusement park games and arcades successful are the prizes. Displayed plush toys of various sizes surely attract the kids and the kids at heart. Even if they are aware that they are spending more than the toy’s actual price, they continue to play.

That said, plush toys manufacturers like Adorable World strive hard to make cute stuffed toys to attract more players. That said, here are some of the most adorable toys you can add to your inventory

Teddy Bears

You can never go wrong with teddy bears. This stuffed animal is one of the favorites of little kids because of their “friendly” face. Teddies are great for any type of arcade game.

Mini Pals – Bear Tin

These little bears are 3.5 inches long; perfect as prizes for small games.

Cream Bear

The 10-inch cream bear with a friendly face is one of the favorites.

Black Bear

The 25-inch sized black bear is great as the first prize in any game.

Big Stuffed Animals

The big ones are definitely the best ones to give as the first prize in amusement park games. These games should be the difficult ones to play. The kids and the kids at heart won’t stop playing until they get one! The bigger the stuffed animal, the more chances of potential repeat players.

Green, Red, and Yellow Snakes

stuffed snakes

These stuffed snakes in three colors are our longest plush toys.


The 47-inch long gray alligator has such a silly face that even the little kids would love!

Black Bear

This is our biggest black bear at 48 inches and totally huggable!

Lying Moose


Another stuffed animal with a silly face, this 30-in long stuffed moose is utterly adorable.

Claw Machine Toys

The Claw Machine is one of the favorites of amusement parks and arcade goers. It’s a bit of an addicting game, especially if the player really wants to get the toy. That said, the toys that should be in your claw machines should be one of the best in your inventory. Stock up on these cuties before they get sold out!

Moose in Assorted Colors

assorted colors moose

These two are 8 inches long and have bright colors that can attract young players.

Big-Eyed Frog Dog Lion GiraffeAsst Big Eye Frog Dog Lion Giraffe

These 8-inch big-eyed cuties are perfect for the claw machine.

Bear and Dog with Shirtsassorted bears in shirts

Of course, you also have to include stuffed animals in shirts in the machine!

See more plush toys for prize ideas in our collection. Filter them in sizes for better results. 

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