Things you need to know about plush toys

Most new parents might wonder whether getting their newborns stuffed animals are safe. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because plush toys help kids develop their social skills. No, because there might be safety hazards.

As a plush toys manufacturer, it is our job to make sure that all the plush toys we make are safe for kids, especially the newborns.

Here are four things you need to know about stuffed animals we make for the little ones. These are great ways to market your toys, especially if the customers are new parents who have doubts about toy safety.

1. Buttons are sewn in tightly.

The eyes and noses of stuffed toys are usually buttons. The buttons of cheaply-made toys are usually not sewn in very tightly and come off easily. This poses a risk for little ones. We make sure that the button of our plush toys are sewn on tightly to prevent choking in babies from happening.

2. Toys are made of washable materials.

Most children suffering from asthma do not have the luxury to have stuffed animals as pets. There’s belief that these toys trigger the sickness. What really triggers it are the dust mites. Hence, the toys must be washable. Toys from Adorable World are washable and can be cleaned easily.

3. The seams are durable.

It’s important that the construction of the toy is sturdy enough to withstand years of playing. The seams in our toys are durable and parents won’t have to worry about stuffing coming out of holes.

4. Toys designs come in various sizes.

We have toy designs in different sizes. You can get your newborns the little-sized ones and the bigger toy for your older child. Larger sized toys are great for newborns too, as they can be used as a pillow or a little bed.

Getting higher revenue from plush toys sales is all about good marketing and promotion. Focus on a certain customer age. Know more about the benefits of having a plush toy and use the information to your advantage.

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