Plush manufacturers have their work cut out for them. Plush toys, teddy bears offer a lot of ways to help in revitalizing both old and young. There is tremendous pressure to make quality items knowing that it serves a great purpose. A research study in Japan found that there are benefits to giving teddy bears to people suffering from severe dementia living in a nursing home. In the test, they used different animal types to indicate that it was not a factor.

The study reported that:


“The occupational therapist observed the patients’ activities while they played with the stuffed animals. They were classified into six categories (no reaction, close observation, talking, clapping, patting the toy, taking care of the toy).

The total time spent in the various kinds of activity was recorded. Most of the patients were interested in the toys, and they looked much happier and less agitated. They became accustomed to the toys day by day. The dog was by far the favorite toy and the one the patients could relate to the most.”


It has been observed that there are a lot of other benefits of plush toys for Alzheimer’s sufferers, other anecdotal reports have indicated that these novelty gifts can:

  • Help distract and calm a person who is upset.
  • Providing a presence of someone there.
  • Increases happiness for the owner as the doll brings comfort.
  • It gives a lot of opportunities for hugging, either giving it or just the feeling hugging someone.
  • Other instances have indicated that owner would communicate more to the plush toy, becoming a medium for communication.
  • It can also be a reminder of a loved pet that they once had, a sort of memory anchor.
  • It also let’s lets them feel that they are caring for another, even if it’s an inanimate object.

Now some people will say that getting dementia patients would benefit more with live animals. To a certain extent, there is truth to that but the issues that can bring outweigh the benefits. At least with plush toys.

There are no safety issues like being bitten or tripping over animals. The care for the live animal may be difficult for the patient and may even be danger dangerous for both of them. Plus, with stuffed animals, the patient has access to it 24/7 and will become more and more helpful as the disease progresses.

Some people, however, are against this practice of giving novelty items to dementia patients. This is because they feel that it demeans the person and treat them like children.  

In the end, whether people believe in it or not, plush toys have proven to have a strong and positive effect on these people. Pressure is now on plush toys manufacturers to create knit stuffed animals that would not just be for the sake of display but quite possibly the mental health of people as well.


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