teddy bear for adult

Teddy Bears are also for adults

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Believe it or not, a lot of adults go to sleep with their teddy bears. Most of us always associate teddy bears with children and wonder why older people would have one. We don’t realize that there is a strong appeal to stuffed toys, especially when it’s old and worn. It’s all because of memories.

There is a psychological component to teddy bears. Comfort objects are security blankets that are essential to their mental and emotional well-being, no matter the age. Old and worn teddy bears give the familiar touch, smell, and feel of home and childhood. Anyone would need those feelings when they are homesick, lonely, stressed, or nostalgic.

So, why do adults still choose to sleep with their teddy bears?


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Every night before you sleep, you can pick up your teddy bear for a hug. It turns into a bedtime ritual, something to remind your inner self that it’s time to sleep. To a point, that it guarantees constancy. Hugging your teddy will tell your body it’s time to sleep. In a way, it’s like mentally conditioning yourself to sleep easier.


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Teddy bears are a constant familiar object in an ever-changing world. A focused and unflinching bastion of nostalgia and good memories. It would remind people of a time of safety, security and no worries. Even those that grew up with difficult childhoods would find solace with the one thing that was always there for them.

It’s personal

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The world judges everyone else and that’s a fact. Home is where we are by ourselves and get no judgment. Once we close the door to the outside world, we can block out all the cares of the day. Our teddy will be there to give us comfort. When other people see your teddy, they just see a stuffed toy because they will never see its importance.

They can be confidants

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Talking out loud about what bothers us is therapeutic. Regardless if anyone can hear it or no. Sometimes, our friends fulfill that role, but they aren’t always available. It’s also awkward just to say things to nowhere. So, it helps to have a focus for your rant. A teddy bear is a perfect friend for that. They will listen without judgment.

No bad vibes

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Teddy bears will never judge us, criticize us or even give us negativity. Our teddy bears accept us for who we are. A supportive inanimate character can help us work on problems, dilemmas, and crises by just being there.

When people experience stress and unhappiness, the first casualty is sleep. Once you start losing sleep, everything else will pile on and get worse. Having a positive support buddy by your side, in the form of a bear, will help curb the tide that would attempt to wash us away.

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