In the Oxford English Dictionary, people who collect and/or love teddy bears are called “arctophiles”. All over the world, arctophiles come from all walks of life. And sometimes, you’d be surprised who the teddy bear lovers are.

The teddy bear is over 100 years old and has been all over the world. Even though we love our gadgets, the teddy bear has always been there by our side. A lot of people all over the word have a teddy bear, and he’s there to give a sense of security, support, and friendship.

Here are some quick and quirky tidbits about our favorite best friend…

Teddy bears got their name from U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt


Former US President Theodore Roosevelt nickname was Teddy. During his term, a story came out that after an unsuccessful bear hunt, the President’s hunting party wanted to cheer him up. So they tied a wounded bear cub to a tree, for him to shoot. Roosevelt refused, saying that was unsportsmanlike. The cartoon above is a caricature of the incident. Because of that, it wasn’t long before a toy company coined the name “teddy bears”.

First Teddy Bear ever Sold

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Morris Michtom sells the world’s first “Teddy’s Bear” in his shop in November 1903. He was from Brooklyn.

The largest teddy bear collection ever auctioned belonged to a criminal

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Paul Greenwood is an American investor who was involved in a multi-million dollar investment scam. He collected old-time toys but a major bulk of his collection were antique teddy bears. His collection was auctioned off by the US Government at Christie’s in 2010 for a record £1.1 million. They used the money to pay off the people Greenwood scammed.

Black Mourning Bears


In 1912, the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage shocked the world. A German soft toy company made black bears as mourning gifts for those who lost loved ones on the ill-fated trip.

The Most Famous Teddy Bear of all time

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Winnie-the-Pooh made his appearance in 1926, created by A.A. Milne. Disney acquired the rights to the bear in 1961 and made several cartoons and movies from that point on. This made him more famous than ever.

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