The attachment of children with their toys helps boost their social skills

Baby playing with stuffed toys

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Studies have shown that 70% of young children develop strong attachments to objects such as stuffed toys. It’s a phenomenon confined to the western world where children usually sleep in their own bedrooms at an early age. This is a good thing, as stuffed toys help lay the groundwork for a child’s development and social skills.


Babies usually show signs of separation anxiety between ages 10 to 18 months and this could be difficult for parents, especially the working ones. This could be avoided if babies already have picked a “favorite toy” at an early age. With his favorite stuffed animal beside him, he becomes less scared and feels less alone.


Baby babble starts at around 12 to 18 months. His stuffed toys will act as his audience as he will practice talking to them. He will also try to listen to the sound of his voice for him to be able to improve his pronunciation, hence the repetition of words.

Dealing with new emotions

As children get older, they start to experience new feelings. They might get frustrated and throw tantrums because they cannot understand or express these emotions yet. Paul Donahue, Ph.D., a child psychologist in Scarsdale, New York says that role-playing with dolls can help children manage their emotions. Re-enacting scenes with a doll or a stuffed animal can help the child understand the situation and will allow him to be able to handle it in real life.


A toddler tends to treat his toys the way his parents treat him. He may put his teddy bear to bed, or punish it for doing something wrong. This just shows that he has control over his own little world. Later in life, he will use this control to garner confidence, and not be afraid of standing on his own feet.

Toddler with stuffed toy

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Stuffed toys may just be textile and soft materials sewn into animals for children, but they definitely play a vital role in a child’s development. Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer that has a huge array of quality plush toys and stuffed animals that not only children will love, but adults as well.

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