Plush toys: The perfect cuddle buddies!

No matter what age you are, it is no doubt that plush toys offer the best and warmest hugs.

The holiday season is the time of year for hot chocolate, eggnog, layering up clothing, and staying under the covers for longer than usual. Moreover, most of you would agree that the best thing about the cold weather is warm and cuddly hugs! No need for a partner; because lovable plush toys can give you just that and more.

Adorable World is your friendly plush toys manufacturer dedicated to supplying you with the best quality stuffed toys. This week, we will be featuring some of our bestselling plushies. Stock up your holiday inventories with these cuties, now!

Stuffed Dog

Plush dog toys and other stuffed animals.

This stuffed dog is 10 and a half inches big and is light brown in color. It has large brown eyes; the perfect puppy dog eyes you will ever see! Its soft, cute paws will make you want to bite them. The stuffed dog is made with high-quality materials that can withstand the tightest hug.

Who would love this?

The plush dog is a perfect companion for kids (and the kids at heart) who cannot have dogs as pets. They are great office decor for animal shelters and veterinary hospitals too.


Donkey plush toys and other stuffed animals.

This stuffed donkey is 10 inches in size and can stand on its own. Its large eyes and cute little smile make them appealing to babies and little kids. The stuffed donkey is a gender neutral toy for anyone of any age.

Who would love this?

The donkey plushie is perfect for those who have a farm stuffed animal collection. They are great as prizes in amusement park games or as animal farm and petting zoo souvenirs.


Moose plush toys and other stuffed animals.

Moose is an animal that reminds us of the cold lands up north and for some, their childhood. This wild animal as a plush toy is one of our cutest stuffed animals because of its rich brown color, antlers, and soft hooves. This moose plush toy is available in three sizes, 5 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches. We also have other moose designs available.

Who would love this?

This stuffed wild animal is perfect for woodlands-themed nurseries. As with the donkey, the moose plushies are also great amusement park game prizes and animal farm and petting zoo souvenirs.


Wolf plush toys and other stuffed animals.

This stuffed wolf has two different fur colors, similar to real wolves. It is in its howling position and stands eight inches tall. Although it seems to be an alpha, the stuffed wolf has a cute little smile on its soft face, making it a cuddly little pup who will win the hearts of children.

Who would love this?

Fans of the series, Game of Thrones, will love this dire wolf plush toy version. No need to lament the recent death of Summer; you can have her by your side at night. Aside from GoT fans, wolf plushies are also ideal Minnesota state souvenirs.


Custom souvenir animals and other stuffed animals.

The seal stuffed toy is 10 inches in size and comes with a light gray coat. It is a friendly sea mammal plushie made with high-quality materials and durable stitching. Our seal plushies are available as custom souvenir animals where you can choose the colors of their shirts, as well as the logo or text.

Who would love this?

These seals make perfect zoo souvenir plush toys. Little kids who have an affinity for the ocean will love this as well. Since they are custom toys, these seal plushies are ideal for beach resort branding efforts.

Want to see more of our best selling plush toys? Check out the shop for more and stock up on them now!


Educational benefits of plush toys for children

They are not just cute and cuddly; they have other benefits too.

Buy plush toys at Adorable World as they have benefits for children.

Source: Mommyish.com

A baby’s first toy is usually a stuffed animal. They offer cuddles and are safe as they do not have any sharp parts. Plushies give children the comfort and security they need, especially when their parents are not around. We also have discussed in a previous post that stuffed toys help develop kids’ social skills. However, that is not only what they can do; plush toys also have educational and emotional benefits to children as well.

For small babies

Newborn Babies's Plush Toys

A plush toy is usually a baby’s first toy because of the texture and softness. Stuffed toys are the ideal toys for little ones as there is no risk of them getting swallowed. These things make them babies’ loyal companions and guardians. Stuffed animals help with separation anxiety allowing children to learn how to be independent at a very young age.

For older babies, aged 12 to 18 months

Plush Toys That Suits 12 - 18 Month Olds

Stuffed animals help in a child’s vocabulary development. According to Parents.com, a child starts to learn how to talk around 12 to 18 months. He will make his favorite stuffed animal his audience and start having conversations with it. Doing this also allows him to listen to his voice and get him to improve his pronunciation.

For toddlers

Toodlers and Their Plush Toys

Toddlers by this time are usually testing emotions on their stuffed friends. They tend to mirror what they see from their parents and demonstrate their observations. The toys can get their diapers changed, sit on the potty, tucked in bed, and even put in time out. Plush toys can help toddlers learn what the valuable things in life are.

For preschoolers

Wholesale plush toys for your little customers

At preschool age, children continue emotional development and engage in imaginative play. They play pretend with their stuffed animals and have long conversations with them. A teddy bear can become a teacher, a cowboy, or a princess. Children are more able to deal with difficult emotions at this age with the help of stuffed animals.

For older children

Wholesale plush toys for children

School-aged kids may gain interest in making their own stuffed toys. Learning basic pattern-making and sewing skills allow the development of fine motor skills and improve 3D math skills.

Buy wholesale plush toys at AdorableWorld.com

Is your Christmas inventory ready? Contact your plush toys manufacturer and start stocking up on plush toys as early as now!

Source: Freepik.com | freestockcenter

How to pack your stuffed animals the right way

Moving? Don’t forget to pack your plush toys properly.

Moving to a new home is not that easy, especially if you own a lot of furniture and household items. You’ll need a lot of brown boxes and latch boxes to pack them safely, plus tag them so you know which ones are fragile or not. Clothes can be stored in latch boxes while appliances can be put back in the boxes they came in with when you bought them. But, have you ever wondered how you could safely pack your stuffed animals?

Pack your plush toys properly.

Stuffed animals may lose their shape if not packed properly. There might be a risk of squishing the toys under heavy boxes, flattening them. More often than not, people tend to forget that plush toys can be fragile too and need to be packed carefully. With that said, Adorable World, your friendly plush toys manufacturer, will discuss this week the steps on how to properly pack your stuffed animals so they won’t lose their fluff.

Step 1: Choose the right box.

Get the right box for your plushies.

You need to get a box that’s big enough for your plush toys. That way if the box gets crushed underneath a heavier package, there’s enough room for the toys to move and therefore they won’t get squished.

Step 2: Get bubble wrap.

Get a bubble wrap for your plush toys

Source: Homesweetremodeledhome.wordpress.com

Line the inside of the box with bubble wrap for added safety. This is ideal if your toys have breakable parts or if you are packing vintage stuffed animals that need more care.

Step 3: Seal the box with sturdy packing tape.

Seal your box of Adorable World plush toys with packing tape.

Source: Pacdepot.com

After carefully placing the plush toys inside the box, seal it with packing tape. Double the strips on the bottom and top, as well as on the sides to make sure the box won’t open. Securing it with lots of tape strips will also minimize damage once the box gets crushed.

Step 4: Make holes.

Punch holes in the box for your plush toys.

Source: Gomadill.com

Using a letter opener or a pen, punch small holes in the box to allow air to circulate inside, allowing the toys to “breathe.” This is ideal for long trips as moisture might build up inside the box and cause the plush toys to smell funny, or get molds. You can also place silica gel packets inside before sealing it with packing tape.

Step 4: Label the boxes.

Label the boxes

Source: Angieslist.com

Don’t forget to label all your boxes. That way, professional movers would know which ones are fragile and which ones are not. Tagging them will also help you easily unpack your stuff once you’ve arrived in your new home.

Moving to a new place sure is a new beginning. Make sure to pack your items properly to avoid damage or totally losing them. Congratulations on your new home!


Let someone feel better this Christmas with plush toys

Share the love and holiday cheer with plushies

The season of giving is within reach, and some already have started their holiday shopping. Christmas is all about warm hugs, gift-giving, and family. However, some of us are not that fortunate to have family dinners and parties. What better way to lighten up these people’s mood, but by giving them warm hugs in the form of adorable plush toys?

Give plush toys this Christmas. Shop at Adorableworld.com

Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer dedicated to bringing happiness to anyone of any age. If you are a business looking to making smiles this season, check out our wide array of plush toy selections. This week, we are highlighting stuffed toys that are perfect for our less fortunate friends who need the warmest hugs that can give hope and happiness.

Knit-stuffed animals and dolls

Knitted Stuffed Plush Toys from Adorable World

Knit-stuffed toys remind you of vintage dolls and stuffed animals that were popular ages ago. They give a retro vibe people of any age would love. With that said, these toys are great to give to nursing homes.

Teddy Bears

Buy Teddy Bears and other Plush Toys at Adorableworld.com for Christmas

Teddy Bears, as we stated in our previous posts, are classic loved plush toys anyone of any age would love. They give the warmest hugs and do not judge your appearance or the state you are in at the moment. It’s unconditional love in the form of plush toys.

Stuffed Wild Animal

Give plush toys this Christmas. Shop at Adorableworld.com

Wild animal plushies are great inspiration for little kids. Most wild animals (and dinosaurs) survive in the harshest environments and are able to fend for themselves. Children will look up to these animals whenever they feel down, and they’ll feel better that they have a “buddy” who will always look out for them.

Mermaid Dolls

Give plush toys this Christmas. Shop at Adorableworld.com

Fantasy and daydream sure do make one feel better, especially if they come in soft plushies! These mermaid dolls are perfect for little girls who dream of fairy tales and of innocent beauty. They also come in different styles so little girls can choose a mermaid fit for their personality.

Want to see more plush toy options to give this Holiday Season? Browse the shop for more!


Buy wholesale honey bear plush toys from Adorable World

Get ready for the Black Friday shopping craze!

Don’t forget to stock up on plush toys for our favorite Friday.

Black Friday is just a month away, just enough time for you to get ready for the annual mega sale. To still get a significantly high revenue despite discounts, it is just wise to stock up on lowered-price plushies.

This week, we will be highlighting our stuffed animals in slashed prices! Adorable World, your friendly plush toys manufacturer, has cut prices of several plushies. Hoard up on these cuties as soon as now!

The Big Stuffed Toys


Wholesale alligator plush toys from Adorable World

The gray plush Alligator is available in 28.5-inch and 22-inch sizes. From $12, the former is now at $9, while the latter is now at only $6.25, from $8. Here’s how you can save even more!

28.5 inch Alligator
Buy 4 for $9.00 each and save 25%
Buy 12 for $7.50 each and save 38%
Buy 24 for $5.50 each and save 55%

22 inch Alligator
Buy 6 for $6.25 each and save 22%
Buy 24 for $5.25 each and save 35%
Buy 48 for $4.00 each and save 50%

Laughing Hands

Wholesale laughing hand plush toys from Adorable World

The 19-inch hand is a cute, silly toy perfect for any happy occasion. It is available in various colors and also features a laughing sound. The Hand toy is now priced at $1.45 each. Buy 12 and save a whopping 55%. Imagine how much you can save if you buy more than a dozen of these!


Wholesale moose plush toys from Adorable World

The Moose plush toy is also ideal for giant claw games. It is 17-inches in size and gives an adorable smile any kid would love. Its regular price is $8, but you can get it now for only $6.25. Here’s how you can save even more!

Buy 4 for $6.25 each and save 22%
Buy 24 for $5.25 each and save 35%
Buy 48 for $3.95 each and save 51%

The Medium-sized Plushies

Honey Bear

Wholesale honey bear plush toys from Adorable World

Who could resist the cuteness of the Honey Bear? This plush toy is 13 inches in size and is now sold at a very low price of $3.50 each. That means you get to save 62% if you buy two.

Monkey with a Shirt

Wholesale monkey plush toys from Adorable World

Have you ever seen a Monkey with a shirt? Here they are telling you to “calm down!” These stuffed animals come in cute little orange and red cropped tops. They are 12.5 inches in size, perfect as claw machine prizes, or corporate giveaways. They are now priced at $3.50 each. Buy four and save 59%!

Grey Horse

Wholesale grey horse plush toys from Adorable World

This adorable farm animal is 12 inches in size. One of the knitted plushie collection, you can get the Grey Horse for only $6.95. Hoard on this soft toy and save more!

Buy 2 for $6.95 each and save 31%
Buy 24 for $5.75 each and save 43%
Buy 48 for $4.25 each and save 58%

The Small-sized Stuffed Toys


Wholesale manatee plush toys from Adorable World

One of the cute stuffed sea animals, the Manatee is 10 inches in size. From $6.99, it is now priced at $4. Buy an “aggregation” of manatees to save a whole lot more!

Buy 6 for $4.00 each and save 43%
Buy 48 for $3.25 each and save 54%
Buy 96 for $2.75 each and save 61%


Wholesale frog plush toys from Adorable World

The Frog is another plushie from the stuffed knit collection. It is only 10 inches in size, but it sure can give anyone a warm hug! Its regular price $9.99 but it is now priced at $6.25.

Buy 4 for $6.25 each and save 38%
Buy 24 for $5.25 each and save 48%
Buy 48 for $4.00 each and save 60%

Blue Bear with a Blanket

Wholesale teddy bears from Adorable World

The smallest of the bunch, the blue teddy is only 7 inches in size. It comes with a blue blanket which makes it perfect for little kids. It is also great in cars as it doubles as a pillow. Regularly priced at $3.25, you can get it now for only $2.25!

Buy 6 for $2.25 each and save 31%
Buy 72 for $1.75 each and save 47%
Buy 216 for $1.50 each and save 54%

These discounted prices do not last for long, better start ordering now! See more toys at the shop!

Hooded plush toys from Adorable World

Hooded plush toys for fall and winter

Hoard on these hooded plushies this cold season!

Whether for fashion or for shielding the body from cold, hoodies are essential wardrobe pieces. It keeps you warm and protects your head from rain and snow. But did you know that not only humans can wear the hoodie? Stuffed animals wear them too! This cold season, stock your inventory up with plushies wearing this wardrobe essential.

Trusted plush toys manufacturer, Adorable World, offers these cute plushies as custom souvenir animal plushies. There are many available animals, and there are a variety of hoodie colors. This week, we are going to highlight these cute plushies. So take your pick!

Classic Teddies

Of course, the traditional teddy bears should always come first! This plush animal is a classic favorite, and we have them in different styles and colors.

Black Bear

Black Bear Custom Plush Toys

This Black Bear with tiny eyes and a brown nose is available in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies. This plushie is 10 inches in size, perfect for warm little hugs.

Spiky-haired Black Bear

Spiky-haired Black Bear

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this bear’s large eyes and spiky hair? This teddy is also available in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies. It’s 10 inches in size perfect for little toddlers

Black Bear with a brown face

Black Bear with a brown face

This 10-inch teddy comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies. Its cute brown face will win the hearts of claw machine players, and they won’t stop playing until they get him.

Brown bear

brown bear

This classic bear is 10 inches in size. Its hoodies are available in blue, green, orange, pink, and red colors. Its adorable little mocha paws are ready to get chewed by babies!

Beige bear

Beige bear

The beige teddy offers an irresistible innocent smile perfect for newborns. It’s 10 inches in size and comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies.

Wild Animals

Who says wild animals can’t be cute? We offer various stuffed animals inspired by zoo animals and wild animals alike.



One of the cutest wild animal plushies, the monkey comes in hoodies with more colors to choose from — black, blue, green, light blue, orange, pink, and red. This 10-inch cutie offers warm hugs for chilly nights.



This adorable giraffe surely will make anyone smile! That little smile will sure win the hearts of little kids. It’s available in blue, green, orange, pink, red, and white hoodies, and is also 10 inches in size.



This tough looking 10-inch American Bison is a great toy for little boys. It may look serious but it still gives one of the best hugs. The Bison comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies.



This gentle-looking 10-inch elephant features pastel pink ears, perfect for little girls. Its blue eyes will surely catch anyone’s attention. It’s available in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies.



This gorgeous plush moose is perfect for those obsessed with the woodlands theme. This 10-inch stuffed animal comes in blue, black, green, light blue, orange, pink, and red hoodies



This 10-inch horse is a favorite among little cowboys and cowgirls. Perfect for western-themed nurseries, this horse comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies.

Sea Animals

We also offer stuffed sea animals for the sea lovers, young and old. They are perfect for ocean-themed parties or as prizes in ocean theme park games.



We can’t get enough of this cute little gray seal! This 10-inch sea animal is available in hoodies of these colors — blue, green, orange, pink, red, and white. Get to hug these cuties in the cold weather.



Get all cute aggressive with this large-eyed turtle! This 10-inch stuffed sea animal comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and red hoodies.



This 10-inch bright red lobster is the ideal corporate giveaway for seafood restaurants. Get this cute clawed creature in hoodies in different colors — blue, green, orange, pink, and red.

Killer Whale


It may be a killer whale, but its charming smile and kind eyes sure will catch a little kid’s attention! This 10-inch sea mammal wears hoodies in these colors — blue, green, orange, pink, and red.

These custom plush toys are always better to order in bulk for any event. These plushies in hoodies are a perfect choice this season as they’re prepared to face the cold fall and winter months!

It’s also possible to order these stuffed animals in just plain hoodies. See more available stuffed animals with hoodies in the shop!



How to store plush toys for long-term

Treasure your plush toys for a lifetime

Whether you or your kids have outgrown stuffed animals, storing them long-term is an excellent idea. This is better than giving them away, as storing them is like creating a time capsule that you’ll want to unearth in the future to look back on happy memories.

But how can you store your beloved plush toys for long-term, without getting infested with bugs and getting mold? Because Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer that understands the needs of stuffed toy lovers, this week we’ll highlight the ways on how to properly store them.

Storing them in clean trash bags

Source: Zhplasticbags.com

Source: Zhplasticbags.com

Your attic is the best storage space in the house, but the only problem with it is the temperature and humidity. It gets really warm in the summer and freezing cold in winter. Some plush toy fabrics don’t do well in those conditions. That said, storing them in clean large trash bags and sealing them tight keeps the humidity (and bugs!) at bay.

Storing them in cardboard boxes


Cardboard boxes are also great storage places for plush toys. However, you cannot put them in the attic. If you plan on storing them in boxes, they are better off in the bedroom closet where the temperature isn’t in extremes.

Vacuum seal them


Source: YouTube.com | Meet the Tings

Store your favorite plushies in vacuum sealed bags. No need to buy the slightly pricey storage bags; a simple plastic or trash bag will do. Use your handy vacuum to suck out all the air out. This tends to flatten down the plush toys, but don’t worry, they will fluff right back up once you open the bag.

Remove the stuffing

Source: Thesavvyspindle.blogspot.com

Source: Thesavvyspindle.blogspot.com

This is the ideal option if you only have to store just a few toys and need to save space. It’s a bit time-consuming for some as you need to open up all your plush toys and remove the material. Heartbreaking, yes, but you will get a fresher set of toys once you plan on getting them out in the world again with new stuffing.

Donate them, but first…

Source: Instagram.com | jennettemccurdy

Source: Instagram.com | @jennettemccurdy

Take pictures of your favorite stuffed animals. Print them all out and place it in a special album. You may not have your plushies anymore, but they are immortalized in photos. This may be the hardest option, but you get to make other kids happy.

 Any suggestions on how to keep your favorite plush toys for long-term? Let us know in the comments below! 

Stock up on plush toys for Thanksgiving

Be ready for the Thanksgiving fever!

textWe Americans take the Thanksgiving Holiday very seriously. We try our best to go back home, and even fly red eye if that’s the only flight available. Although most families prefer to stay home and catch up with family members, there are those who prefer going out. Malls extend their open hours and theme parks are extremely busy this time of year. That said, amusement parks should be sure to have enough plush toys for prizes.

textIt’s good to have a variety of stuffed animals to give as prizes. Not only the kids would be interested in playing, but the old ones will also take their time to enjoy this holiday. Hence, you should have many options to offer your customers. Contact Adorable World, your trusted plush toys manufacturer as early as now and stock up on these plushies:

Souvenir AnimalsSouvenir Animals

textSouvenir animals are very appealing to tourists. These toys are available in teddy bears, alligators, bisons, turtles, whales, sharks, and dolphins. These 10-inch plush toys are available in different colors of shirts as well.

Tip: If your state isn’t available, inquire about our Custom Plush Toys!


textThese pillows appeal to the older people as they can be used as car pillows. Of course, the young ones would love them too; they’re so soft and safe for babies they can be placed in cribs. Perfect for long drives, the pillows come in a variety of designs:

Pinkish Tiger Pillow

 pinkish tiger pillow

This tiger is 15 inch in size and will make little princesses eyes’ widen in delight.

Mischievous Pinkish Pillow

Mischievous Pinkish Pillow

This 15.5-inch sized silly flower pillow will surely put a smile on your face.

Panda Pillow

Panda Pillow

The 18-inch smiling panda appeals to both young and old.

Monkey Pillow

Monkey Pillow

The 18-inch monkey pillows are perfect for any gender and is one of our most adorable unisex toys.

Pink Hippo Pillow

Pink Hippo Pillow

Little girls (and the ladies) will love this adorable 18-inch pink hippo pillows that are so soft and huggable.

Stuffed Animals with Blankets


textThese 9-inch stuffed animals come with a 40″X30″ blanket. These toys are perfect for the chilly weather and theme park goes will surely love to get their hands on these. Buy these in four assorted animals — pink bear, blue monkey, green frog, and yellow dog.

Custom Plush Toys


textIf you want to be remembered by your customers, customize your theme park souvenirs this Thanksgiving! Ask for a quote, send us your ideas, and we’ll work hard to create that perfect toy for you. We provide free artwork with every quote so you’ll get to see how your toys would like before you order.

textFeel like you need to offer your customers more options? Check out more plushies at our shop!


New Arrivals: Mermaid dolls

Mermaid plushies are perfect for birthday party giveaways

Most little girls love princesses and mermaids. They love to run around the house dressed up in cute dresses with tiaras on their heads. And when their birthday comes, the party has to be all pink and girly. Of course, you have to think about having the best party giveaways too. These mermaids are absolutely the perfect choice!

Adorable World has recently just made these cute little mermaids available for wholesale. They come in different colors, styles, ad sizes. These newly arrived mermaid plushies all have friendly smiling faces and shiny tails little princesses would love. Let’s get to know them better!

Gold hair mermaid

Gold Haired Mermaid Plushies

The golden-haired mermaid comes in two sizes, 16 inches, and 12 inches. It has a shiny rainbow-colored tail with pink details.

Pink hair mermaid

Pink Haired Mermaid Plushies

This mermaid with hot pink hair also comes in two sizes, 16 inches, and 12 inches. Instead of having a rainbow-colored tail, this mermaid has a golden one with pink and purple details.

Gold hair pirate mermaid

Gold Haired Pirate Mermaid Plushies

If the little princess prefers a pirate-themed birthday, this is the perfect giveaway! The 12 inch-sized mermaid plushie has a sunset-colored tail, with a cool pirate hat on her head.

Pink hair pirate mermaid

Pink Haired Pirate Mermaid Plushies

The pirate mermaid with pink hair looks different than the gold-haired, as this one’s sporting an eye patch. Perfect for tough little girls, this 12-inch mermaid doll has a shiny yellow and blue tail with purple details.

These mermaid dolls are great as party giveaways, but they are also perfect for amusement park prizes, corporate gifts, and mermaid-themed or ocean-themed parties. These dolls have strings on their heads so you can simply attach a suction cup. They’re easy to hang on car windows, children’s bedroom windows, or even in the glass doors of the doctor’s office.

Looking for more party giveaways? Do check out our shop; we are a plush toys manufacturer dedicated to offering you the most adorable plush toys on the market!

Buy wholesale frog plush toys from Adorable World

Hoard on Knit Stuffed Animals this Autumn

Fall is all about pumpkin spice lattes, knee boots, scarves, and knitted clothes. The weather’s starting to get colder, and we all just want to get home and bury ourselves under the blankets. And what better way to enjoy staying under the blankets than snuggling up to your favorite knit stuffed animals!

Offer your customers plush animals that complement this leaf peeping season. Knit stuffed animals aren’t only adorable, but they also offer the best hugs without any complaints.

Adorable World is a plush toys manufacturer dedicated to creating stuffed toys businesses would be proud to sell. This week, we’ll be highlighting our Nice ‘N’ Knitted plushies, the perfect items to add to your fall inventory.

Knit Stuffed Dog


Look at that puppy dog eyes! This adorable knit stuffed dog is 9 inches in size, perfect for warm little hugs. This stuffed dog is a great alternative for pets for children who are allergic to dog and cat fur.

Knit Stuffed Horse


This knit stuffed gray horse gives off a rustic barn feel, perfect for the little cowboys. It’s 12 inches in size and is available in two other colors – brown and light brown. The knit stuffed horse is also available in 9 inches but comes only in brown and light brown.

Knit Stuffed Moose


The knitted moose is perfect for woodland-themed bedrooms. This new addition to our Nice ‘N’ Knitted Collection is 9 inches in size. It’s a great unisex toy for kids and the kids-at-heart.

Knit Stuffed Frog


The knit stuffed frog has a friendly smiley face sure to give you good vibes. This stuffed animal is 9 inches in size, perfect for the little princesses who love the animated film, “The Princess and the Frog.”

Knit Stuffed Owl


Owls remind us of the popular series of children’s novels and films, Harry Potter. This adorable toy would be appealing to Potter fans or people who are utterly obsessed with owls. This knit stuffed owl is also available in gray, and in two sizes – 12 inches and 9 inches.

Knit Stuffed Teddy Bear


And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Teddy Bear! This cute bear is 9 inches in size and made with such soft knitted material, making it safe for babies. This teddy is great to offer to new parents looking for a new friend for their babies.

Offer these Fall-worthy toys now, as autumn had officially started last week. See more knit stuffed animals in our Nice ‘N’ Knitted Collection!